Am I Disabled?

This is the number one question we get!  Unfortunately there is not an easy way to answer that question.  There are a couple of basic requirements such as your limitations must prevent you from working full-time or making over about $1,000/mo, but each case is differernt.  Our Disability Lawyers can answer this question, but you'll need a consultation.

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Do I Need A Disability Attorney?

There are non-attorney representative, but they charge the same, so why not get a real disability attorney?  Most people who get disability benefits are awarded those benefits at the hearing level.  That means they go before a judge.  A disability hearing is not a do-it-yourself project.  Get an Idaho Social Security disability attorney who knows the local judges.

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Ready For A Hearing?

We will make sure you are!  We will work with your doctors, friends and family to make your disability clear.  An Idaho Social Security disability lawyer will go over your case until they know every important detail and can argue your case effectively before a Social Security Judge.  Watch the video below for helpful tips for your hearing.

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I enjoyed working with this company.  They answered my questions and helped me get information for my Social Security Disability approval.   He was right by my side when I went in front of the judge.  I would recommend them as a great company and a lot of help.
Gladys W. Spokane, WA
My experience was stress free. They were very helpful. They listened with consideration, care and empathy. I am so glad I did not hire someone else. I highly recommend them.
Linda R. Nampa, ID
I had a great experience! They were knowledgeable, informative and understanding. The staff was great about keeping me informed about what was going on with my case. My attorney was easy to get a hold of an returned my calls promptly. I am grateful they took my case.
Sandra V. Caldwell,ID

If you are over 50, Social Security has special rules that apply to you. An Idaho Social Security Lawyer can assist you in understanding these rules and how they can help you get your disability.

Once you turn 50, Social Security begins to pay more attention to your past work. Social Security understands that it is more difficult for older workers to retrain and a new career,so they look at what kinds of work you have done in the last 15 years to determine if you can go back and do any of your past work. If they determine that you can not, you will likely be found disabled.

However, if they find that your can not do your past work, they may find that you are not disabled if they find that your past relevant work provided you with skills that are easily transferable to a job that you can do. Be sure to ask an Idaho Social Security attorney about how your age will affect your chances for disability.

Our Disability Lawyers know the local Social Security staff and judges who will be deciding your case. The national attorney firms do not spend enough time in the local area to know how what is important for the judges you will be appearing before. This may seem like a small thing, but it can be very significant when it comes down to arguing your disability at your hearing.

We also know many of the local doctors and medical clinics and how to best work with them. Get an Idaho Social Security attorney and not national firm who sends their disability lawyers to Idaho that you will not have a chance to meet until you are walking into your hearing.

The disability application process can be lengthy, so do not delay in getting started. An Idaho Social Security Lawyer can help you through the entire process.

The first step is an initial application with your local Social Security office. This process usually takes about 5 months and about 33% of applicants will get approved at this level.

If you are not one of the lucky few, you will need to ask for a reconsideration withing 60 days of your denial. Unfortunately, this process can take an additional 3 months and, in Idaho anyway, only about 10% of applicants will be approved at this level.

If you are denied at the reconsideration, you need to ask for a hearing. The wait for a hearing is currently about 9 months, but you have a significantly better chance of getting approved at this point, especially if you use one of our Idaho Social Security attorneys--we have a VERY HIGH success rate!
If you would like to speak with a local disability attorney and have a free consultation about your disability, contact us today!   You will speak with a licensed Idaho disability attorney who is knowledgeable about Social Security Disability guidelines.   We welcome your questions and look forward to assisting you.

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Can I Work And Apply?

T echnically you can work and apply for disability at the same time. You can still be considered disabled under Social Security disability rules if you are earning less than approximately $1,000/month gross (before taxes and other withholdings) and working part-time. However, if you are making anywhere near this amount, a judge may consider you more underemployed than disabled. Under certain circumstances, working while you apply for disability is appropriate, but you should speak with a disability attorney at our office to help you decide what to do under your specific circumstances.


W hether you get SSDI or SSI depends on how much your have worked and paid into the Social Security System. SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance, is only available to workers who have enough work credits. It is an insurance, just like your car insurance, and something you are entitled to if you become disabled under Social Security Disability guidelines. SSI or supplemental security income is for those who become disabled, but who have not worked enough to become insured under Social Security disability programs. SSI disability is a welfare program and not an insurance program.

What Is My Onset Date?

Y our onset date is the date you are claiming that you became disabled. As a general matter, it is the last day you worked full time for longer than six months. But even part-time work must be considered if you earned significant income at your part-time work. Your onset date is important for many reasons. It is the date your payments will start, and it is the date your 2 year wait for Medicaid eligibility starts. It is also the date Social Security will use when deciding what medical records to collect. Before giving Social Security your onset date, you should speak with a disability attorney at our office.

What Can I Do To Increase My Chances For Disability Benefits?

The best thing you can do to increase your chances for getting disability is to hire a disability attorney.  This probably sounds pretty self-promoting to you, but its true.  Chances are you have never applied for disability before, at least not successfully.  We have. We have assisted disabled all over the Northwest to get their disability benefits.

We know the judges you will be going in front of, and we know how to prepare your case so that they can see your disability.   There is no substitute for experience, and we have it.

Getting to the doctor regularly is another critical piece to maximizing your chances for getting disability.   It is not enough to show your symptoms to a judge; you must also show that your symptoms are caused by a medcial condition that the judge can verify.  This can only be done through doctors.  Be sure to get MRIs or X-rays if you have a condition that can be revealed by imaging, for example a back injury.   Be sure that you get medical source statements from your doctors.   Our disability attorneys can provide your doctors with medical source statements that specifically address your condition.

How Do I fill Out The Function Report?

Once you complete your initial application, and after you complete a request for reconsideration, Social Security will send you what is known as the "Function Report".  This is a questionnaire designed to verify what you still can do with your disability. The problem with the form is that it tends to focus you on your abilities, rather than your disabilities, and is used by Social Security more often then not to deny your claim rather than approve it.  Before you complete this form, be sure to speak with one of our disability attorneys.

How Long Will This Disability Application Take?

Most people are suffering from some sort of economic hardship as they apply for disability.  Its not easy not working and trying to treat a serious medical condition, while still trying to pay your bills.  Because of this, most people want to know how long a disability application will take.   Unfortunately, even with the help of a competent disability attorney, the process can be lengthy.  Although waiting times vary greatly depending on where you live, as a general rule of thumb, most people get approved at the hearing level, and it takes about 18 months to get through the process to a hearing with a Social Security judge.

Can I Receive Unemployment and Apply For Disability?

Technically you can.  The official position of Social Security is that the fact that you are on disability does not disqualify you from receiving Social Security benefits.  But the reality is that if you are on unemployment, your credibility comes into question.  To be on unemployment, you must typically represent that you are not disabled.  To apply for Social Security benefits, you must represent that you are disabled.  Judges know this and can use this fact to discredit your testimony.  For more information on how to best handle unemployment while you are applying for disability, you may speak with one of our disability lawyer with our office for a free consultation.

I Have More Questions. Where Can I Get Answers?

If you have specific questions, the best solution is to simply contact us for a free consultation. Your will be able to speak with a disability attorney who specializes in Social Security disability. You can get your questions answered and decide if you would like help with your claim.
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